COVID-19 pandemic leads to surge in demand for wills

deVere has seen a 76% rise in the demand for wills over the past fortnight as people’s minds are now more focused on particular aspects of financial planning due to the coronavirus pandemic.

We reported the steep increase in enquiries as deVere launched its free online wills service for clients.

As I was quoted by The Daily Mail, The Independent, Khaleej Times, Financial Planning, Business Live and London Loves Business, amongst other media, as is the case with several aspects of financial planning, such as retirement planning, drawing up a will is not something high up on many people’s agenda.

Indeed, it often takes a back seat until minds are focused by a change of circumstances or perhaps illness.

As such, with the number of fatalities and confirmed cases on the rise, and as people have more time on their hands due to social distancing and lockdowns, the COVID-19 pandemic has sparked an unparalleled focusing-of-minds effect.

Plus, during these highly concerning times, everyone should play their part.

This is why deVere has launched a free wills service for clients, and a reduced fee for non-clients at just £15 for a month.

With the firm absorbing the costs, with the exception of storage in an insured facility, we hope this initiative will urge more people to draw up a will.

Regardless of the coronavirus pandemic, the importance of having a will cannot be taken lightly. And they are not just for the elderly.

Anyone’s circumstances can change at any time and for a whole host of reasons, which is proving to be all too true with this current pandemic.

Having a will offers peace of mind knowing that your affairs will be dealt with as per your wishes, thereby helping loved ones avoid unnecessary stress and heartache, legal issues and potential tax burdens during a difficult time.

As the pandemic persists, we can expect the rise in demand for wills to continue, as more and more people are being encouraged to get their affairs in order.

Nevertheless, a will should always play a key part in any effective financial planning strategy.

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