deVere to build digital finance hub in Dubai

I’m excited to announce that deVere is developing a major digital finance operation based in Dubai.

As we start to become accustomed to a so-called ‘new normal’ following the coronavirus outbreak, over the past few months, the market has changed, as have client expectations.

A lot of this change is being fuelled by new technologies and the ever-increasing pace of the digitalisation of our lives, and our financial lives.

This trend was around before the pandemic broke out, but it has been hugely accelerated as a result.

Indeed, this decade is being reshaped faster and more radically than any other.

As such, in order to meet these crucial shifts, deVere is developing a key digital financial organisation, headquartered in Dubai.

There are three main reasons why we chose Dubai for this new digital hub.

First, deVere has been in Dubai for over 15 years, with a considerable footprint there and across the UAE, with several teams of immensely talented individuals.

Second, recognised as one of the world’s most important financial centres, Dubai will likely become one of the top 10 international financial hubs to rival and more assertively compete with others including London, New York and Hong Kong.

Dubai already has a helping hand in this sense, thanks to having an independent regulator and judicial system, pro-business government, global financial exchange, dynamic business community, many HNW individuals, world-class infrastructure, exceptional digital and telecommunications, English as the number one business language, along with the enviable location and time zone.

The third reason is Dubai’s passion for innovation. Indeed, we saw Dubai diversify from oil to become a global frontrunner in trade, transportation, finance, tourism, retail and real estate.

This is underscored by the theme of Expo 2020 Dubai: ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’, coupled with the UAE Economy Minister recently announcing that new economy will be developed around digital.

Our new digital finance hub will reinforce and significantly further expand deVere’s cutting-edge Contactless Finance service, along with our world-class fintech apps, allowing users to access, save, invest and manage their money anytime, anywhere.

Indeed, our new Dubai digital operation is designed for the new world, with client experience, expectations and outcomes the principal focus.

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