deVere Group named as Best Independent Fintech Provider 2020

deVere Group has just won two prestigious accolades in the Wealth & Finance Fintech Awards 2020!

The awards we won are:

Best Independent Fintech Provider 2020 – deVere Group

Recognised Leader in Fintech – Dimitris Litsikakis, Global Head of Fintech, deVere Group

What an honour! Congratulations to everyone at deVere for the win and, of course, Dimitris, our Global Head of Fintech.

Fintech was already fundamentally changing the way we access, manage and utilise money. But due to the pandemic, the future has happened faster.

The monumental changes to the way we live, work, and manage our finances have been accelerated due to improving technologies and escalating demand.

Much of this is being led by digital technologies, and our financial lives are no exception. The skyrocketing global demand for fintech underscores how it is set to become an increasingly influential part of our lives from now on.

Wealth & Finance says of the progression of fintech: “The fintech market has evolved at a rapid pace and continues transforming and innovating the financial services sector in areas such as payments, lending, personal finance and banking to name but a few. Providing safer and more reliable solutions to a myriad of economic institutions and individuals, there is a great deal of work worthy of praise and admiration.”

deVere is one of the very few financial advisory organisations that has been actively and consistently pushing into fintech and is now widely regarded as one of the leaders in the sector.

Currently, the organisation’s apps include deVere Vault, a global e-money currency app and multi-currency prepaid card; deVere Crypto, a cryptocurrency app to store, transfer and exchange major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin; deVere Core, an app that allows clients to monitor their investments in real-time, on-the-go, keeping them informed with news and events that impact investor returns; and deVere Catalyst, a low-cost investment and savings app that offers best-in-class globally diversified funds.

We are immensely proud to win these two awards as they are recognition of the expertise, dedication and commitment of our fintech team who strive to develop innovative fintech solutions that help our clients reach, and hopefully exceed, their long-term financial objectives in an increasingly globalised, digitalised and interconnected world. 

Congratulations again to deVere and Dimitris on these latest awards!

May they keep on coming in 2020!

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