deVere offering free ESG investing advice

deVere has committed to providing free, independent advice to our clients on socially responsible investing.

This is the first of many campaigns we are planning to launch in 2021, with the aim of positioning $1bn in environmental, social and governance (ESG) investments within five years.

ESG is one of this decade’s megatrends.

As I was quoted as saying by International Adviser, amongst others, although the ESG trend was happening slowly before the coronavirus crisis, the pandemic has acted as a catalyst. Our planet’s health and how it affects us, which in turn impacts how we live and work, has now come radically to the forefront.

However, whilst ESG investing underscores values, it’s also about profits, with environmentally and socially responsible funds still outperforming the market and offering lower volatility.

This is particularly important now as ESG moves more and more into the mainstream.

That said, there are still investors out there who deem such investments as something of a ‘quirk’ rather than a legitimate portfolio diversification option that delivers profits with purpose.

Last summer, deVere carried out a survey which revealed 26% of clients across the globe are seeking exposure to or have now joined the ESG megatrend.

We can expect that both retail and institutional investors will continue to pile into ESG, as millennials, who are more likely to opt for responsible investment tools, become the major beneficiaries of the largest intergenerational transfer of wealth – around $30tn in the next few years.

In addition, the survey found that 56% of investors who are already part of the ESG trend say they do so as they are a safe-haven during periods of volatility in traditional markets.

The findings highlight the financial reward-making capabilities of ESG investments, and their fundamental values are ones we should all be committed to.

As such, by providing free advice, we will be eradicating any potential obstacle in potential investors contemplating ESG.

We hope to continue assisting our clients in reaching their environmental targets by investing in companies that reduce carbon and focusing on those that prioritise workers’ rights,consumer protections, board diversity and corporate transparency and stakeholder accountability, whilst at the same time receiving good returns.

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