deVere launches exclusive product linked to Bitcoin and Ethereum moves

deVere is now able to offer clients a new and exclusive product linked to the movements of Bitcoin and Ethereum, due to soaring demand for cryptocurrencies.

The fixed-yield bond tracks futures of Bitcoin and Ether on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange over a one-year maturity period.

As I was quoted by Yahoo News and International Investment, amongst other media, I believe this structured note will be an incredibly popular addition to investors’ asset allocation strategy, helping with essential portfolio diversification.

Within this era now of close to zero interest rates, and with inflation become a burgeoning and serious concern, the rate of return on investors’ money is an increasingly important factor to take into account.

This structured note – a buy-and-hold to maturity one with principal protections in place – will provide investors with access to potentially higher income or growth which other options may not be able to provide.

The decision to launch this fixed yield solution linked to Bitcoin and Ethereum (Ether) futures was down to skyrocketing client demand for cryptocurrencies.

They are widely regarded as the future of money, as we’ve seen by mounting institutional investment from Wall Street giants and multinationals.

And of course, in the ever increasing digitalised, globalised world we now live in, the retail demand for cryptocurrencies will only grow further.

With crypto a flourishing asset class, it will play a larger and larger role within the global financial system. This is why it’s crucial that we offer comprehensive access to digital assets for our clients to have a diversified portfolio to mitigate risks and to make the most of opportunities.

However, I find it staggering that some banks have decided to negate the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies.

By doing so, as well as placing themselves on the wrong side of history, they are denying their clients access to the potentially considerable opportunities of these key digital assets that will, in all likelihood, shape the future.

In regard to the new vehicle, not only does it offer investors looking for yield in a zero-interest rate climate and a shield against inflation risks, it provides access to the opportunities and rewards of cryptocurrencies.

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