New game-changing, global crypto venture coming up!

I cannot wait to share our top-secret project with you, a project that has huge potential to overhaul the status quo in the cryptocurrency market.

We are so excited about this venture, and I’m confident it will completely shake-up the $2.2 trillion crypto market.

As reported by International Investment, amongst other media, I’ve been obsessed about ways to utilise the energy of this unstoppable, global movement. And I think we’ve done it.

I sincerely hope the crypto community, as well as those captivated by it, will join us and feel the energy.

Ever since we launched deVere Crypto four years ago now, I’ve been so passionate about the role that cryptocurrencies can, and should, play within the mainstream global financial system.

Digital currencies are the future of money and I believe they can empower us, bolster democratisation, and serve as an important check on government overreach, not to mention produce high investment returns.

To those who may think this forthcoming announcement may be ill-timed due to the recent decline in crypto prices, I say no way!

I’m making the most of the short-term volatility for longer-term gains, along with many other crypto investors. I’m topping up my portfolio using the lower prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as I’m extremely confident that they are the inevitable future of money. As are many major corporations, financial institutions, governments, prestigious universities, and household-name investing legends.

It just makes sense that in our ever-more globalised world, we hold digital, borderless, decentralised currencies. And, of course, crypto demand and adoption are increasing all the time, whilst supply is simultaneously declining.

This forthcoming project is big. It has the power to create a better tomorrow. Bring it on!

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