Your chance to help rebuild lives torn apart by the Russia-Ukraine war

We’ve all been shocked by the news about the brutal Russia-Ukraine war in recent weeks.  But beyond the politics and war games, it has very real, very human consequences.  

It’s forcing innocent children and families into bomb shelters to escape shelling and explosions.  Meanwhile, many families have managed – despite the terrifyingly dangerous conditions – to flee the tyranny and daily attacks.

Grabbing just what they can – documents, a couple of photos, money, a few clothes – and they have run for their lives. 

Navigating tanks, soldiers with machine guns, and bombs seemingly coming from nowhere, in snow and sub-zero temperatures, day after day, night after night, with determination and courage they headed to the borders with neighbouring countries to cross.

Now that they’ve managed to escape with their lives, they need help with shelter, food, water, hygiene packs and other life-saving aid, including counselling.

And the situation is urgent. They cannot wait. 

Help needs to be delivered to these people so they can try and re-start their lives under the most horrific of circumstances.

It’s been heart-warming that so many of us have been wanting to help these families as they try and rebuild their lives and aim for a brighter, safer future.

But it’s often hard to know how and where to start. Until now.

It’s why I’m going to be running a half marathon – the first time I’ve done anything like this since 2013.

We have direct contact with families whose lives have been destroyed by this war and now need to start again from scratch. We will work directly with them.

We’re asking you to take YOUR chance to make a huge, positive impact on the lives of innocent children and families who have literally had to run for their lives.

Alternatively, you can simply make a donation.

With your support, we’re confident that we can directly help those affected by the Russia-Ukraine war. 

Will you help give them an opportunity of the future they deserve?

How to donate:

Click on this GoFundMePage or copy this in your browser

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