Appointed to Thailand’s National Innovation Agency

I’m honoured to have been appointed to the National Innovation Agency (a public agency) of Thailand, an organisation on innovation promotion, set up to boost the country’s innovation performance on a global scale.

The organisation has launched an International Advisory Board (IAB), a top-level committee offering international perspectives and visions on the future of innovation.

Senior Innovation Strategist, Salin Deosurin described the committee as a “panel of selective international experts in innovation-related fields.”

I’m incredibly proud to have been invited to become an adviser by Thailand’s NIA, and I’m looking forward to working hard to support this dynamic country advance the key sectors of financial services and fintech.

The second-largest economy in Southeast Asia already has massive potential, and I’m excited to be able to do my bit towards making the most of this.

The National Innovation Agency is the “primary agency responsible for strengthening the national innovation ecosystem”, which is viewed as the solution to Thailand’s numerous challenges.

The aim is to support Thailand’s innovation system in order to boost economic restructuring and competitive enhancement.

The agency is the main engine fuelling national innovation by co-creation, networking, fostering, and partnering different organisations from several fields such as academic, technology, industry, finance and investment.

The principal focus is on using knowledge management to achieve innovation, particularly to encourage “innovation on cluster platform” which uses innovation as the key tool in improving quality of life and working towards an increasingly competitive economy. Click here for my YouTubeLinkedIn profile and Twitter accounts.

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