Named in Best Inspiring Leaders to Watch 2023

I’m incredibly proud to have been named one of CEO Views’s Best Inspiring Leaders to Watch 2023. 

This is particularly special as to be an inspiring leader, you need great people around you, which is what we have at deVere. 

Strong, visionary leadership is about making team members feel valued and heard. Supporting and communicating with people within the organisation is critical to building great ideas. 

Motivation is also a critical part of inspiring leadership. With this in mind, I always lead from the front, focusing on an honest, hard-working approach. I encourage every member of the deVere team to reach their full potential. We believe in steady professional development for every single person. 

Furthermore, I’m known for my proactive approach, yet I try not to micromanage. A successful leader should trust in every team member’s skills. However, I do try my best to be as open as possible to everyone within the group. I do everything I can to motivate, inspire and work with them to reach our goals.

This is what being an inspiring leader is all about. And I am incredibly grateful to The CEO Views for this accolade.

According to their website: “The CEO Views aim at providing the perfect platform for entrepreneurs to connect with the peers of their industry.

“Our passion and thirst for knowledge in the field of business and technology have been the dominant reason we have emerged and continue to thrive in the marketplace. The future editions will serve as the medium for all forward-thinking executives to learn about some of the interesting technological advancements in areas such as Cloud, Big Data, IoT, Mobility and much more.”

As a leader, I don’t settle for the status quo; I challenge conventional wisdom and explore new possibilities. As a result, I hope this encourages others in our teams to do the same.

For me, leadership goes beyond personal ambition. It’s about uplifting others, empowering them to try their best, and creating an environment where ideas flourish. By going big on a culture of innovation, resilience, and collaboration, we pave the way for our organisation to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

Thanks to The CEO Views for naming me one of the Best Inspiring Leaders to Watch 2023!

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