Building better connections through open communication

20 Years of Insights: Building Strong Global Connections for Success

The ability to build meaningful connections is essential for the success of any global company. Since founding the deVere Group more than 20 years ago, I’ve had the privilege of leading teams across different continents and cultures.

Through this experience, I’ve learned what I believe are valuable lessons. Lessons on how to build deeper and more open communication to create stronger connections.

Leading with Open Ears and an Open Mind: The Power of Active Listening and Approachability

Building connections begins with actively listening to others. In a world where everyone vies to be heard, taking the time to understand what someone is saying can set you apart. I find that by practising active listening, I not only gain valuable insights but also show our teams and others that their opinions and ideas really do matter.

It’s vital to lead by example to encourage proper, open communication. As such, I make an effort to be approachable and receptive to feedback. When you’re open to discussion and willing to admit mistakes, it creates a culture of openness and trust.

Transparency and Technology: Building Trust and Bridging Gaps in Global Communication

For me, transparency is the cornerstone of real, valued communication. Being honest and transparent about the company’s goals, challenges, and progress builds stakeholder trust. When people know they can trust the information they receive, they’re more likely to engage in meaningful conversations.

In a global company, effective communication often relies on technology. Investing in the right communication tools, such as video conferencing, project management platforms, and instant messaging apps, can bridge geographical gaps and facilitate smoother interactions. These tools enable real-time collaboration and help maintain a sense of connection even when teams are dispersed.

Building Connections through Celebration, Mentorship, and Coaching: Lessons in Leadership

Also, what I know for sure is that building connections isn’t just about addressing problems. It’s also about celebrating successes together. Recognising and appreciating the hard work and achievements of our teams creates a positive atmosphere that encourages open communication. Whether a small win or a major milestone, taking the time to acknowledge and celebrate accomplishments establishes a sense of unity.

As a CEO, I’ve seen the power of mentorship and coaching in developing strong connections within the organisation. Encouraging senior leaders to mentor junior staff not only helps in their professional development but also establishes a supportive network of communication and guidance.

I’m confident that these lessons have not only improved my leadership but have also contributed to the success and growth of our global company.

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