Bitcoin preferred over gold by 77% of under 40s – deVere Poll

deVere has recently carried out a new survey, revealing over three-quarters of under-40s would rather have Bitcoin than gold in their investment mix.

Indeed, 77% of clients under 40 would choose to have the world’s largest cryptocurrency over gold in their portfolios to build their long-term wealth opportunities, highlighting a major shift in the investment landscape.

The younger generations now believe that Bitcoin is a more dynamic and possibly rewarding investment. Investors traditionally view the precious metal as a safe-haven asset and store of value

Whereas BTC is up 112.75% year-to-date, on Wall Street, the S&P 500 is up 13.97%, the Dow Jones 2.79% and the Nasdaq 29.76%.

The Rising Tide of Bitcoin Preference in Investment Portfolios

As I was quoted by Investing.comAdvisorpediaMena FNFinancial MirrorBitcoin InsiderTech Round UKForex TVDaily Insights and IT Online, amongst other media, a vast majority of respondents to this latest poll showed a clear preference for Bitcoin over gold as a key part of their investment mix. This indicates a significant move away from traditional investment assets towards the digital sphere.

Younger generations are more familiar with digital and tech. Bitcoin characterises a digital-native investment option in line with their tech understanding and belief in the future of crypto.

In addition, the increase of online transactions and digital payments also emphasises the relevance of digital assets such as Bitcoin.

Furthermore, survey respondents highlighted the likelihood of high returns as a primary factor in their preference for Bitcoin. It seems as though BTC’s record of substantial price appreciation has caught the eye of the younger generations.

Institutional Backing, Divisibility, and Inflation Hedge Appeal

Major financial institutions and corporations are also adding Bitcoin to their investment strategies and balance sheets. Such support boosts Bitcoin’s legitimacy, likely to further drive adoption, making it increasingly attractive to younger investors.

Moreover, its divisibility and ease of transfer across borders make BTC a versatile asset for investors aiming to diversify their portfolios. And, of course, 24/7 trading and liquid markets give Bitcoin a key advantage over gold in regard to flexibility.

Recent inflation concerns will also have likely heightened Bitcoin’s appeal to investors. Bitcoin’s fixed supply of 21 million coins is seen as a potential hedge against fiat currency devaluation. This makes it desirable for wealth preservation.

A Call for Caution and Diversification in the Face of Bitcoin’s Rise

However, whilst Bitcoin’s appeal is evident, investors should thoroughly assess their risk tolerance and diversify their investments. This to be able to manage possible downsides, given cryptocurrencies’ inherent volatility.

This latest deVere poll reveals that the digitalisation of assets is very much a reality. Something that the financial sector can no longer be ignore.

Bitcoin is at the helm of this shift, and its unique properties make it an investment of choice for a generation. A generation that values innovation, accessibility, and the potential for significant returns.

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