Boris Johnson

December 28, 2020
Brexit: It’s not over yet premium
At the eleventh hour a Brexit trade deal was reached. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen have penned a trade deal between the UK and EU following months of talks and tense negotiations. The deal will come into force this week when the UK finally leaves the European Union after 47 years. Of course, stocks will be buoyed by the deal and the pound strengthened, but this does not signify the end of Brexit. Now there will be a period of major readjustment as the UK economy moves away from the Read More
September 11, 2020
Boris Johnson’s Brexit stance may lead to mass departure of wealth premium
The UK Prime Minister’s contentious plans to rewrite parts of the Brexit withdrawal agreement could result in a substantial exodus of wealth from Britain. As the European Union demands the UK abandons plans to modify the Brexit deal by the end of September or be at risk of trade talks dissolving, an intense war of words has ensued. As it stands, the EU now says no trade talks will happen, therefore with no chance of a deal, unless the UK stops its recently Read More
July 24, 2019
Boris Johnson, the impotent Prime Minister premium
It was announced on Tuesday that Boris Johnson is the new resident of Number 10, taking over from Theresa May. I believe Boris Johnson will be an impotent Prime Minister. Mrs May was faced with a tough arithmetic in parliament, but her successor will have an even harder time. Indeed, following numerous defections from serving MPs, and the likely loss of two seats in by-elections, the Tory party’s small majority may well collapse. This, coupled with the fact that within Read More
June 7, 2019
More falls for sterling if Boris Johnson gets to Number 10 premium
Should Boris Johnson be the next UK Prime Minister, we can expect the pound to be driven down even further. Johnson is the favourite to win the Tory leadership contest, securing the support of over 40 Conservative MPs, placing him streets ahead of his rivals. As such, should he get to Number 10, the pound will be delivered another bloody nose. Additional downward pressure will impact sterling in this case due to the increased probability of Boris Johnson taking Britain into Read More

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