September 6, 2023
G20 summit must tackle climate change and financial inclusion premium
The Urgency of Climate Action The upcoming G20 summit in India at the weekend needs a concrete plan for scaled-up green financing for the Global South as a crucial strategy to tackle climate change. As we’re seeing, climate change isn’t a threat anymore. It’s a reality. Rising global temperatures, extreme weather events, melting ice caps, and sea-level rise are already impacting communities, ecosystems, and economies worldwide. The Global Read More
September 4, 2023
Lithuania to become a Baltic economic powerhouse? premium
Lithuania is the best-placed country in the region to overcome the economic fallout from the war in Ukraine, in my opinion. Over the last week, the war has intensified. This has sent shockwaves through the economies of neighbouring nations, creating a ripple effect that requires immediate attention. Lithuania hasn’t been spared from the effects of the crisis, with economic disruptions posing considerable challenges. Yet, as I was quoted by London Loves Read More
August 16, 2023
Named in Best Inspiring Leaders to Watch 2023 premium
I'm incredibly proud to have been named one of CEO Views's Best Inspiring Leaders to Watch 2023.  This is particularly special as to be an inspiring leader, you need great people around you, which is what we have at deVere.  Strong, visionary leadership is about making team members feel valued and heard. Supporting and communicating with people within the organisation is critical to building great ideas.  Motivation is also a critical part of inspiring leadership. With Read More
July 21, 2023
Referrals: The Power of Asking for Client Recommendations premium
Referrals are a potent tool for driving growth and expanding your client base. As a financial adviser, asking clients for referrals should be a vital aspect of your business strategy. They're a testament to the trust and credibility you've earned from your existing clients. When satisfied clients recommend your services to their friends, family, or colleagues, it showcases your expertise and your positive impact on their lives. Potential clients are more likely to trust the Read More
June 15, 2023
Federal Reserve needs to stop rate hikes now premium
The Federal Reserve needs to now stop interest rate hikes because of the notorious time lag of monetary policy. On Wednesday, Fed Chair Jerome Powell announced the US central bank would skip a rate hike this month, as was broadly expected, but will resume after this pause. Indeed, as I was quoted by CBS, Value Walk, Investor Ideas, Business Today and News Finale, amongst other media, following 15 months and ten consecutive rate rises in a bid Read More
May 25, 2023
Fed minutes suggest a rate hike pause in June premium
The US Federal Reserve will likely pause rate hikes next month, which markets will welcome. Earlier in May, US central bank officials were divided on whether to continue rate hikes at the upcoming June meeting, as per the minutes of the May 2-3 meeting published on Wednesday. Indeed, the minutes stated: "Several [policymakers] noted if the economy evolved along the lines of their current outlooks, then further policy firming after this meeting may not be necessary." However, Read More
May 24, 2023
Ultimate gift for China if US defaults  premium
Should the US fail to raise the debt ceiling and default on its financial obligations, it would be the ultimate gift to China.  President Biden held talks on Tuesday with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, yet after an hour, McCarthy said both sides remained far apart on reaching an agreement to lift the debt ceiling. However, he added: "It is possible to get a deal by the end of the week. It's not that difficult to get to an agreement." Biden has previously also stated he Read More
May 24, 2023
deVere Investment named Best Investment Group 2023 & Nigel Green wins Financial CEO of the Year award premium
I'm incredibly proud to announce we've won two awards in the highly respected International Investor Awards 2023! deVere Investment won Best Investment Banking Group, and I was winner of the Financial CEO of the Year Lifetime Achievement award. International Investor is both an online and printed magazine that provides invaluable information through time-sensitive news and insightful articles and research on topics ranging from global markets, Read More
April 17, 2023
Investor focus shifts to earnings season premium
Investor focus is set to move away from inflation and on to earnings season, which gets underway on Friday. Major Wall Street banks such as JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, and Wells Fargo are publishing their earnings reports. Companies reporting next week include Tesla, IBM, and Johnson & Johnson. As I was quoted by Market Watch, France 24, Yahoo News, Times of Malta, Mena FN, Financial Mirror, Investor Ideas, Morning Read More
April 4, 2023
Oil price rise may lead central banks to keep interest rates higher for longer premium
The price of oil rose as much as 8% on Monday following the surprise announcement of a production cut of over one million barrels a day by OPEC+.  As a result, the soaring oil prices will likely mean interest rates will remain higher for longer as inflationary pressures are fuelled by the price rally. There are 13 OPEC member countries within the OPEC+ group, mainly located in the Middle East, as well as ten non-OPEC countries, including Russia, Mexico, Read More
March 14, 2023
Three takeaways from Silicon Valley Bank collapse premium
Silicon Valley Bank's collapse could have resulted in a broader financial crisis, leaving the authorities no choice but to implement emergency measures. Regulators in the US said on Monday that SVB's customers would have access to all their deposits, and a new facility has been set up to provide banks with access to emergency funds.  The Fed has also taken action to make it simpler for banks to borrow from the central bank in an emergency. As I was quoted by City Read More
January 12, 2023
Investors could be rewarded during Q1 ‘peak opportunity’ premium
As we progress into the New Year and global investors review their portfolios for the upcoming 12 months, I believe the economic peak opportunity will likely be towards the end of the first quarter. Until that time, we’ll see rising unemployment and central banks will likely maintain their aggressive language in a bid to curb inflation – which should be down sharply from current levels by then. Particularly as demand for staff is declining rapidly, helping to ease wage Read More

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